jeudi 28 août 2014

Feminism, what for ?!

2 commentaires:

  1. Great article, great illustrations. I agree with your way of thinking. If feminism is like your way of behaving, then I am feminist too. Although what happens outside EU is awful (such as excision or forced marriage), I think that we do not need to look far from here to notice abhorrent discrimination of any kind.

    The problem with what we know about feminism is indeed (among others) the clichés that we still reproduce in feminist events and what is shown on tv. I do not like that fact that women chant equality while showing their differences (such as their body). It is a contradictory way of speaking which irritates me. Women have a brain and two hands, so they can possibly achieve to make the same work than men. Hence I do not understand how we still do not earn the same salary. It is definitely abnormal and unfair. If it is because women work less during their life because they MAY have children, I clap my hands to see how grateful our society is for women which provide new people to build this shameful society. Of course women are amazingly able to have children. They must bear this civil liability alone… What a shame.

    However, what if women are also convinced that everything is ok now as they live in a safer society than the ones outside EU? What if indeed they still think that pink is for girls while blue is for boys? What if we still encourage boys to be active while girls must remain wise and calm? Discrimination is efficient at home and at school since we are young. Our society is not prone to change with this old ways of thinking.

  2. Feminism like this should involve women and men. Listen to the speech of Emma Watson for He For She